A trip down Malaysian motoring history with Johnny Lowis | Malaysia Autoshow 2019


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A trip down Malaysian motoring history with Johnny Lowis

This year’s Malaysia Autoshow is not just about 100’s of brand new cars. It’s also a celebration of various car sub-cultures, history, and technology. You have the demonstration of the latest safety features from Honda and Perodua, the customization culture with the folks at Art of Speed, and of course a trip down memory lane with the Volvo Classic car collection.


On the subject of history, there has to be a special mention made to Johnny Lowis Cars on Stamps collection. Out of the 400 stamps showcased, there’s a whole list of Malaysian cars immortalized as stamps at this booth.

Growing up, Malaysians in one way or another would have a fond memory with a Malaysian car. Be it witnessing the launch of the Proton Saga, taking your driving test in a Perodua Kancil or feeling like a Rockstar in a Satria GTi, we all have that special something that ties us to Malaysian-made cars.

Johnny’s collection has a number of Malaysian cars on display at this years show. Its indeed a walk down motoring memory lane, to recall various Malaysian cars, and reviving our own memory of it. Also, there’s a short description below each car with interesting information on each car.

Catch Johnny’s collection of Cars on Stamps at this year’s Malaysia Autoshow, taking place from the 26th – 29th April 2018 at MAEPS Serdang. Also don’t miss out your chance to immortalize your love for your favorite car by creating your very own personalized stamps with Pos Malaysia at the show!

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