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Johnny Lowes Collection – Cars on Stamps


Philately or stamp collecting can offer an almost time-travel like experience. Each stamp is the equivalent of a time capsule, each telling a story of its unique origin, the time it was made and the story behind it. Philatelist John Lowes however has a more unique collection than the rest. He specializes in cars in stamps, and he’s coming to the Malaysia Autoshow 2018 with his collection!

John Lowes, who resides in Singapore has collected almost 400 examples of stamps that feature cars in them. With the oldest example dating back to 1886, John’s collection literally tells the entire story of the automotive industry in an almost time-lapse like manner.

Each stamp is showcased by the car it’s featured, year, and country of origin. Along with that, the description of the car is also added at the bottom, so viewers can learn more about what they see. The collection encompasses everything from the latest BMW concept cars, to Tesla’s right down to the very first Benz Patent Motorwagen.

There are many genres in which motoring enthusiast use to show their passion and love towards the automobile. Its safe to say that John Lowes’s collection is one of the more unique ways of showcasing your love for cars. Be sure to check out his collection at this year’s Malaysia Autoshow from the 26th – 29th April 2018 at MAEPS Serdang.

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