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5 attractions waiting at the Malaysia Autoshow 2018 for Off-Road Enthusiasts


Calling all Off-Road enthusiasts, the Malaysia Autoshow 2018 is going to be a special treat for you! We have a whole lineup of amazing activities to cater for your love of off road cars and off-road driving. Here’s what you can expect to see at this year’s show!

  1. Mitsubishi Malaysia’s Red Peak Adventure Obstacle course

Mitsubishi Malaysia will be featuring an obstacle course to showcase their 4×4 vehicles off-road ability. The course highlight will be the 45-dgeree, 25-feet tall “sky” ramp, along with the uneven ramp, roller ramp and side traverse. The best part is customers will have a chance to try out the course on their own!


  1. Toyota off road course

Toyota Malaysia will be showcasing their time-tested Hilux on their very own Off-Road course. The course will feature obstacles to test the various 4×4 functions, and participants will be given a white-knuckle ride on a rally style stage as well!


  1. Off-road clubs demo

What’s an off-road party without the off-road clubs, right? No less than 5 off road clubs will be showcasing their cars, skills and their activities on site. Not only will you get to experience their off-roading skills first hand, you will also be able to get more insight on the various off-roading communities in Malaysia.


  1. Merchandise and equipment sale

Besides the activities, the clubs will also have merchandise and equipment’s on sale at the show. Speak to the experts and get an in-depth look at how the off-roading hobby works. Get their advice on the right tool for the job!


  1. Brand new off-roaders demo

Along with 100 brand new cars will be a whole host of off-road vehicles to suit every budget. From the time-tested Hilux, the Triton Athlete, Triton Adventure X, and the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.2 will be available for test drives!


All in all, this year’s Malaysia Autoshow will be a special treat for the off-road enthusiasts. Be sure to head over to the show and experience this and more from the 26th – 29th April 2018 at MAEPS Serdang!

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